Why choose PlantHealth?

The PlantHealth programme provides students access to the best research-based teaching programme on sustainable plant health management in Europe. A distinctive and important feature of the Master PlantHealth is the emphasis on applied plant health management.

Choosing PlantHealth you will be able to:

  • Develop cross-curricular capacities to work in a globalised, multi-cultural, challenging world.
  • Successfully integrate and apply knowledge from different disciplines and cultural systems.
  • Shape a unique profile that would make you stand out in recruitment processes.
  • Get the European experience and networks to be ready for new incoming professional challenges at local and global scales.



PlantHealth professionals are employed, amongst others, by:

  • Agrochemical companies;
  • Biotechnology firms;
  • Lawn and landscape maintenance firms;
  • Agricultural consulting companies;
  • Diagnostic laboratories;
  • Nurseries and garden centres;
  • Biological control companies;
  • International agricultural research centres;
  • Public policy organizations;
  • State departments of agriculture;
  • Colleges and universities (research, teaching, and extension);
  • Environmental, agricultural, and patent law firms;
  • Seed, plant breeding and plant production companies.

Moreover, they are often sought by government and non-profit organizations and corporations to participate in teams of specialists addressing international agricultural development.

At present, job opportunities in the diverse sectors of plant health management are particularly favourable and they are expected to further improve in the future. Governmental authorities need experts to adapt regulations and to establish national policies for plant protection. The demand for well-trained professionals is also high in professional organisations to support farmers in private and public extension services, and in the agrochemical companies. The agro-industry urgently needs graduates at Master or Ph.D. level for positions in research and development of molecules, stewardship, registration and marketing.