PlantHealth provides the competencies necessary to work in sustainable plant health management:

  • A sound theoretical background,
  • The ability to apply their knowledge,
  • The skills to act at international level,
  • The cultural awareness required in a globalised world.

Successful graduates will be able to apply to high-level PhD programmes or pursue a career in the practical plant health sector.


The first year (60 ECTS)

The aim of the first year is to provide basic knowledge on crop protection, farming systems and agronomy, ecology, population genetics and dynamics, statistics and experimental design and molecular biology.

You can spend the first year in either UPV or UGOE. All these courses are taught in English:


The second year (60 ECTS)

In the second year, students must select one of the four specialization itineraries in Germany, Spain, Italy or France.  

A distinctive feature of the second-year course is the close cooperation with industry and interacting within active learning environments.

All the M2 courses are taught in English EXCEPT the ones offered by the French universities of the Consortium.


Master thesis (30 ECTS)

The students dedicate the 4th semester to their MSc Thesis.

During the master thesis period, PlantHealth students have the chance to apply their scientific basis in life sciences and the skills and methodology learnt during the master to do research or implement sustainable plant health strategies in an applied approach.

The Master thesis can be carried out anywhere in the world and are supervised by the M2 university.

A list of Master thesis completed is available here